I am an audiovisual artist based in Belgium.

In my personal work I like to combine different media such as drawings, digital graphics, found footage and live-action film. My background in animationfilm has something to do with that. My latest work as an author in short film, is the experimental crossover film: ‘Her Voice’ with the dancer Lisbeth Gruwez. This film received the Experimental Award at Porto Femme Festival, 2019.

Beside making my own artistic projects as well as commissioned works, I have been teaching video and art to different age groups since years. In 2012 I finished my PhD in Audiovisual Arts on the construction of female identity and the potential of the sensory image.

More recently I am exploring new digital techniques such as: 3D-printing and the lasercutter. It is my intention to post on a regular basis more about new projects and upcoming screenings of my work in the menu under ‘about’ on my ‘news’ page.




Synopsis Her Voice

In Her Voice, a corporeal language of spasms and ‘crazy’ poses aids in dissecting the forced masquerade of women as ‘femme fatale’, ‘mystic’ and ‘sex toy’. The voiceover engages in a dialogue with the visuals and attests to a critical interpretation of the three historical icons and letters the film is based on: Lola Montez, Hildegard von Bingen and Betty Boop, who are all played by Lisbeth Gruwez.
Lola Montez Hildegard von Bingen Betty Boop

In her search for an ‘alternative cinema’, Silvia Defrance keeps on exploring, the potential of a sensory visual style that puts the physical experience of film before the rational understanding of a narrative plot. The film evokes a sensory experience, exploring the line between suggestion and representation.

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