Silvia’s Bagatelle

Silvia’s Bagatelle (2005), research project.

A short abstract painted animation was based on Anton Webern his music. Silvia Defrance made an original animation to Webern’s ‘5th Bagatelle’ during the research project of Martine Huvenne ‘On Audiovisual Composition’ in association with The School of Arts in Ghent.


Silvia has interpreted Webern’s music visually. She has used a technique that combines spontaneous animation in front under the camera with computer animation.

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This score for the initial abstract animation was used as a point of reference for two successive films:

‘Silvia’s Bagatelle’ and a second one: ‘Michael’s Bagatelle’. The second film has the same imagery but with a different soundtrack created by the composer Michael Weilacher. These films are showing us different possibilities of interaction between the visual and sonorous layers, the impact of image and sound and vice versa.

Preview ‘Silvia’s Bagatelle’

Preview ‘Michael’s Bagatelle’