During 2019-2020 I have worked on motion graphics in function of stage design for a family performance with the title: ‘U ki yo E’. This work resulted in an animated videoprojection with a duration of 50 minutes. The first public performance took place April 25th, 2021 at ‘Kunstencentrum Nona’, Mechelen/Belgium and was screened online afterwards.

Recently on August 26th 2021, the first live performance of ‘U ki yo E’ took place for kids at the ‘Sunflower festival’ / ‘Zonnebloemfestival’ in  CC Hasselt, Belgium.

Motion Graphics in function of stage design for a family performance: ‘U ki yo E’, an audiovisual journey through the structure of a woodblock print made by Hiroshige.

Watch the promofilm: “U ki yo E”.

Her Voice was awarded the Experimental Award at ‘Porto Femme Festival’ 21rst of June 2019, Portugal.







Opening event of The Wunderground Film festival at the Verbeke Foundation on Sunday November 11, 2018.

WUNDERGROUND film festival selected my experimental short: HER VOICE. The film was screened for a period of about 5 months, every day (Thursday-Sunday) between 11 a.m. and 6 p.m. at the VERBEKE FOUNDATION (Westakker, 9190 Kemzeke, Belgium).

This contemporary cinema exhibition and film festival places its films where they belong – within the vibrant context of other art forms. The oasis that will serve as the site for this haven is as unique as the festival. The Verbeke Foundation in Kemzeke, Belgium, will host the festival beginning on November 1, 2018, as part of its quarterly exhibit series, showcasing a series of screenings and video installations.

Art collectors Geert Verbeke and Carla Verbeke-Lens founded the Verbeke Foundation in 2007 to be a place where culture, nature, and ecology are closely intertwined.

Past selections 2018:

In September 2018 “Her Voice” was selected for the Muestra Internacional de Cine Independiente, “Otros Cines” San Nicolas, Argentina,  and for the Muestra Movimiento Audiovisual festival in Guadalajara, Mexico.

Muestra Movimiento Audiovisual generates a platform for dissemination of artistic proposals that work with audiovisual language highlighting the movement of bodies, ideas and realities, as a result of the contemporary social context and the autonomous expression of its creators. The film had a North American Premiere this summer at the ‘Oregon Cinema Arts Film Festival’, August 17th, Portland, Oregon, USA, 2018.

Another screening was in the competitive section: ‘Reflections’ at the ‘Spiritual Film Festival Contracorriente’, Bogotà, Cundinamarca, Colombia, July 2018. This festival focuses on approaching the spiritual cinema from an introspective, intimate look that explores in depth the interior of the human being, which contributes to the construction for peace inside, to connect with our identity, paying attention to the mirrors of the soul, what feeds our spirit and confronting us with the real and the imaginary.


In my personal work I like to combine different media such as graphics and live-action. My background in animationfilm has something to do with that. My latest work as an author in film is the experimental crossover: “Her Voice” with the fantastic dancer Lisbeth Gruwez. In May the film was also screened at: EnCore: Dance on Film 2018, Decatur Arts Festival, Georgia, United States, May 25th, 2018.

EnCore Dance on Film Festival

Is a social gathering for the arts and celebration of Dance made for the Silver Screen! Film and Conversation. Presented by Core Dance. EnCore brings together a collection of original dance works for screen, performed, choreographed and directed by local artists as well as their regional, national and international peers.

Last year “Her Voice” ended as a finalist in Small Axe Tolpuddle Radical Film Festival in Dorset, U.K. 

It is my intention to post on a regular basis more news about new projects and upcoming screenings of my work.

























Past selections & screenings ‘Her Voice’

Porto Femme Festival, Porto, Portugal, June, 2019 – EXPERIMENTAL AWARD.

Wunderground Film Festival, The Verbeke Foundation, Kemzeke, Belgium, Nov.-March, 2018.

Muestra Internacional de Cine Independiente, Sept. 19th, San Nicolas, Argentina, 2018.

Muestra Movimiento Audiovisual, September 17th, Guadalajara, Mexico.

The Thessaloniki Cinedance International festival, semi-finalist, Thessaloniki, Greece, 2018.

‘Oregon Cinema Arts Film Festival’, August 17th, Portland, Oregon, USA, 2018.

The Spiritual Film Festival Contracorriente, Bogotà, Cundinamarca, Colombia, July, 2018.

EnCore: Dance on Film 2018, Decatur, Georgia, United States, May 25th, 2018.

The Cefalù film festival, May, 2018, Sicily.

Shorts on Tap, 2018 London, UK.

‘Her Voice’ was  screened before the feature of Agnes Varda: ‘Visages Villages’ at Kinepolis / De Andere Film, 26th of April 2018, in Bruges, Belgium.

‘Her Voice’ was screened in last February in the  exposition with the title: Confrontations’ at the Bogardenkapel in Bruges, Belgium.

Fincortex, Festival Internacional de Cortometrajes Experimentales, 27th of December 2017, Cartagena, Colombia.

Avvantura International Film Festival, 27th of August 2017, Island of Vis, Croatia.

Selected as a finalist during pre-selection in The Festival Visualizame Audiovisual & Mujer in Madrid, Spain, 2017.

Selected as a finalist during pre-selection at the Social Machinery Festival, Pistoa, Italy, 2017.

Finalist in Small Axe Tolpuddle Radical Film Festival, July 2017, Dorset, UK.

Experiments In Cinema, April 2017, Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA.

KASKcinema, in ‘Kort Applaus’, March 2017, Ghent, Belgium.

Be Film Festival, Bozar, December 2016, Brussels, Belgium.


More info about some past screenings

‘Her Voice’ Silvia Defrance was selected for the ‘Experiments in Cinema’ festival in April 2017 in Albuquerque (United States).

‘Her Voice’ by Silvia Defrance was selected in the programme: “Kort Applaus” 2nd of March, 2017 in KASKcinema.