independent films

Letter from a Soldier (2013)

a short movie about World War I


hand painted animation

Letter from a Soldier 

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Letter from a Soldier/Flanders Image

Letter from a Soldier film is part of 12 Minutes About Peace, 
a collection of short films exploring the crossover potential of poetry and animation. Letter from a Soldier is based upon a Wilfred Owen poem Dulce et Decorum Est, and commemorates World War I.

The film relates to existing intimate subject matter under the form of a written historical document. It was painted frame by frame under the camera and it results in the evocation of the anxiety a soldier experienced, while he was trapped in the trenches during WOI. The use of wet paint gives the film a tactile quality and reminds of the mud and dirt of the battlefield. Again her visual vocabulary keeps a fine balance between suggestion and representation in order to provoke an intimate experience instead of just illustrating a story.