applied graphics

Graphic Design & Motion Graphics

During 2019-20, I was working part time on motion graphics for a family performance:

‘U ki yo E’.

‘U ki yo E’ is an audiovisual journey for children, based on the structure of a woodblock print made by the master Hiroshige. For this job, I had to interpret and design many digital characters and natural elements, such as animals, birds, a dragonfly escaping a white cat and several special effects such as clouds, pouring rain and water.

These motion-graphics function as stage-design consisting of a moving background within the framework of a theatre performance for children 5+. It was live performed for the first time on August 26th 2021 at the ‘Sunflower Festival’ in CC Hasselt, Belgium.

Watch the promofilm of ‘U ki yo E’ underneath:

Promofilm U Ki Yo E





























Lasercut miniature, paper 9 cm-5,8 cm

Original drawing: Silvia Defrance